Chloe Betty Patent for $664 at NM

  1. Just bought this:yahoo: but everything else is gone in a flash!
  2. Doh! :sad: At least it went to a pfer! Congrats! :yes:
  3. I got it too... i think.... at least it says "in process" instead of the usual "cancelled" i got so used to by now:yes:
  4. Congrats!! All the others have gone too...come on, own up - did you get them all..??:nuts: ;)
  5. ^ LOL. Yeah fess up! You bought them all didn't you and only posted the links here to tease us??!
  6. as much as i want to buy them all, i only got the betty and when i went back to buy the cross-body, its gone! :crybaby: i wasnt fast enough after all..
  7. how do you find these? I never see them on the chloe sale page
  8. WooHOO - great deal girls! Congrats to all that were fast on the keyboard.
  9. BAD NEWS!!!:cursing: i just found out this morning that my order was my day is totally ruined:cursing:
  10. This bag is now at the top of my wishlist..... just need to save up the readies!

  11. Sorry to hear that :sad:
    There's a black one on eBay though..... buy it before I stretch my credit card!
  12. oh no, so sorry it didnt work out for you :sad:, that was an amazing price for a betty.

    keep your eyes open, another may be added to stock ;)