Chloe Betty Chamois v. Botkier Crosby Hobo Tan

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    I already own the Botkier Crosby in Tan, but just ordered the Chloe Betty Chamois on sale...b/c I've wanted for so long and randomly discovered on Bergdorf today...too similar to have both? Any thoughts before it's too late to cancel the Chloe??? Thanks!:confused1:
  2. The Betty is a great bag, I think the style is different enough that you could enjoy both.
  3. thanks for the reply...due to the fact i have managed to buy three ediths this week...all different colors...i decided to cancel it since it really is the same color...someone else can enjoy it now:smile:
  4. Know what you mean about 3 in one week, these sales make crazy women out of us--re: the Betty vs. the Edith, I have both, and although I love all my Chloes, I tend to carry the Edith the most.
  5. If only this betty came up BEFORE I got my large betty satchel in brun - I would definitely have snatched this one up. But, since I have the large betty AND a small chain betty in moka (both purchased within weeks of each other), I will ... sigh ... have to pass :sad: