Chloe Argent-color handbag -help!

  1. Hi everyone, I am desperately seeking a Chloe handbag in the Argent (pinkish/purplish/silverish/beige) color.

    I have tried a couple of different strategies: calling individual NM, Saks, Bloomies, Nords, and visiting the local dept. stores. I really want to find a Tracy or Betty, but would consider other styles, as I truly love this color.

    So, my request is for suggestions on what to do..... NM said they can't search their computer system for other NM stores that may have an argent tracy without a SKU number, so does anyone here have a sku for an argent colored bag? or if you have seen an argent bag somewhere, could you post the location for me? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as this search has consumed my life for nearly 3 weeks.
  2. After reading about all the sale purchases everyone scored, I'm finding it very difficult to buy at full-price right now. But I may break down and just get it.... although I'll do a thorough search for a sale item first:smile:.
  3. i know what you mean!! i'm soo unwilling to pay full price for the argent paddy on the nm website because of all the sales that have been going on!
  4. sarmel,

    I was in Austin on business last week and the NM at the Domain had a argent tracy on sale. Sorry don't recall the price, maybe around $1000 with additional 20% off. I don't have a number either but worth a call. It's a new shopping center and I don't think it is very busy yet so you may get lucky and it could still be there.

    Good luck.
  5. Thanks kmrosko404, I will give them a call right now. I'll keep you posted!!!! I'm excited!
  6. I didnt realise they were so sought after! Best of luck with your search - keep an eye on eBay too.
  7. Well.... called the NM in Austin and they said they only had a dark navy metallic tracy.... they called me back and found the argent tracy!!!:yahoo::woohoo:So, I'm so so happy to claim that it's mine, all mine!!!!

    Special thanks to KMR:tup::heart: I owe you bigtime!
  8. Yay congrats! Post pics when she arrives!
  9. congrats sarmel, i'm glad you found the bag!!
  10. Thanks, I will definitely share the pics when I receive her!
  11. Invenio, there's hope yet for you! If I found mine, you will find yours. The baby paddy is gorgeous! Whoever finds one on sale will be fending off a pack of anxious women.
  12. Congrats Sarmel!!