Chinchilla ... so cute and furry!

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Do chinchilla's make good pets?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. I don't know

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  1. Hi fellow animal lovers ... I recently fell in love with these furry creatures ~ chinchilla's!

    I am considering buying one because they are so adorable ... but don't really know much about them.

    Do any of you own one or know anything about having them as pets?

    Any information would be greatly appreciated ... as always, TIA :flowers:
  2. They do make good pets, but they require more work and care than other small pets like guinea pigs and hamsters. They also live a long time, 10-15 years.

    Check out this chinchilla/hedgehog forum for info on caring for them.
  3. Hi! I have a female chinchilla who is a little bit over a year old. She is a doll! I grew up w/ a small zoo & must say that I find Chinchillas to be the smartest small & furry creature I have had to date wich includes; 1 hamster, 2 guinea pigs & 2 ferrets.

    She is very active & does require regular activities & interaction.

    She lives in my old ferret habitat that had been a bit "re-modeled" by my DH. It is 4 1/2' tall x 3' wide. She has 4 levels in her habitat, 1 wheel, her dust bath, a plastic igloo for her to go into & two small "leapin' ledeges."

    "Leapin' Ledges" are mini wood ledges that you can purchase online or in a pet store.

    Her wheel was $75+. It was hand-made in Canada & is the only wheel that she will use & the only wheel that is sturdy enough to hold her weight. It is called a flying saucer wheel. If you google it, I am sure you'll find it!

    She is very affectionate & also very demanding. She will turn a cold shoulder to you if you are super busy & she doesn't come out as often as she likes. But all in all she is a great, funny, friendly pet that I would recommend!

    If you visit you can look up chinchillas that are up for adoption in your area!

    Good luck! Please ask me anything if I can be of help!
  4. Hello! I own two male chinchillas and I absolutely adore them. I purchased Frankie from a pet store for 100.00, and I bought Ollie from a local hobby breeder for 75.00. Chins-n-quills is a fabulous resource to get you started.

    First - chins can live up to 20 years - are you ready for a long term pet commitment? Chins and hot weather don't mix, so if you live somewhere warm, AC is a must. If you have little children, a chin might not be a good idea - chins aren't lap pets, despite how cute they are.

    Chins need room to jump - my biggest cage stands 5 ft tall. They love to chew, so wood is always a must.

    if you have any questions, feel free to pm me! (or you can always check out my site, ;))

  5. It would be awesome to see pictures of your little cuties ^ ;)

    I can't offer any advice, but have heard that they are quite smart. Keep us posted! Oh, and I had no idea that they live so long! Neat!
  6. ^ I'll take some better ones tonight when I get home (plus it'll give me a reason to update the website)
  7. ^thanks for all the great info. I have wanted a chin. for a while and found your info really helpful!!
  8. I didn't see you website link hiding there above :shame: They are soooo cute! I love the picture of Ollie sitting on the counter! Perky little ears!
  9. Aww thank you! He has such attitude in that photo, lol. I love it though!
  10. ^^^ Hi there! Thank you for all the info you've given me ... you have helped me in my decission to go ahead and get one. I named him "Chilly Willy" and he is so adorable and such a character.
  11. OMG how adorable!!! Love them!