chihuahuaqueen's collection

  1. I have no clue how to attach a photo, but I'll give it a shot.

    I've narrowed down my collection recently, but here's what I have left:

    Black MC Speedy 30; Rose Columbus; Black Epi Noe; Violet Vernis Reade PM; Brown/pink CB papillon; Rose Lexington; Fuchsia Lexington; Pink Mini Mono Mary Kate; Mandarin Epi cles; Red Veris cles; Violet Vernis Ludlow; Black MC Spa mules; fuchsia spa mules (not pictured is my Rose Broome that I just purchased)

    Also pictured here in my long-haired chihuahua, Teddy. If you look behind the Rose Columbus, you'll see him! - Amy

  2. Lovely and colorful collection! Very nice!
  3. Okay....FIRST of all, I LOVE TEDDY! Just ADORABLE! Second, your collection is just beautiful! I really really really like how colorful it is! It inspires me to add more color to my collection. I love pinks and purples!

    Thanks so much for the photos and for putting Teddy in the pictures - he rocks!
  4. Very nice!:amazed:
  5. Very nice collection ... love the vernis ones! Teddy is the cutest one there!!
  6. Great collection!
  7. A your collection is beautiful. If I could find even one pair of the spa mules I'd feel lucky! Please give Teddy some loves from me.:P V
  8. love all those colours
    thanx for sharing
  9. lovely! i love all your vernis !
  10. cute - I love the pruple vernis - I would love a purple ludlow :smile:
  11. Teddy is adorable! How cute!!!

    Your bags are fabulous! Thanks for sharing!
  12. Your Vernis's and the black LV are gorgeous!
  13. Wow - great collection. I love the violet vernis - beautiful color. :love:

    And Teddy is adorable peeking out from behind the Columbus! You can tell he appreciates your collection. I think my dog would be using them for a bed or chewing on the corners if I let her near my bags :shame:
  14. I love the vernis and the cherry blossom! Gorgeous collection!!
  15. I love everything. Especially the Vernis pieces.
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