Scarves Chiffon (mousseline) scarves

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  1. Well, I think the silk twill scarves are overpowering on me. I just can't seem to pull them off around my neck...perhaps I have a squat neck....:confused1:
    I'd like to try a chiffon scarf and tried to find one on the Hermes website but didn't see any. I am olived skinned and many colors make me look a bit sallow...(so there is the picture, a squat neck, sallow gal looking for a scarf)...I think our wonderful tods suggested that I try a hot pink. I'm game, any pattern suggestions?
  2. I loved the La voie Lactee in pink on you. Perhaps we can track it down in a PM. The La Dance in pink will also look stunning.

    S, have you considered plisses? They are very easy to wear too/
  3. Loved that one! We only saw it in the very large scarf size. If anyone has seen at your local H, please Pm me.
    I have not tried the plisse or pointu so i may need to give those a try as well.
  4. Fleurs de Fuchsia comes in a beautiful fuchsia mousse, in fact in 2 shapes, the regular mousse PM, and the stole. The stole is a rectangular shape, GM size on the long side and PM size on the short side, coupled with the airiness of the mousse, it's wonderfully easy to wear. Here's some pics of mine:


  5. ^^^^ S, stunning. That would look great on you!!
  6. I just had an idea after reading this thread.

    Can any of you post pics of the various types of scarves available and how you wear them? That way it may give members ideas of what may work for them.
  7. Agree with Rose, La Danse in pink would be wonderful too, but so far I've only seen GM in my alaskan store.

    RC, see how that FdF mousse isn't even bothered by the really busy top? That day I was too lazy to change before answering modeling requests. It's one of those Etro tops that I would have never worn together with a scarf IRL.
  8. ^^I think had a couple of chiffon stoles on their website. They're listed under "Surprise" not under scarves.

    Tods, QM, Rose, and MaggieD have sucked me into mousseline mania too, Rockerchic. They're so gorgeous.
  9. oh no... another convert!!!

    What about turquoise, RC?

    Look at the colors in the first Turandot. I think, purple, blues, and pinks would look great!

    And I wouldn't be surprised if the South Alaska stores gets in more for Mom's Day...and the "event"
  10. wow, i love it and it looks gorgeous on you! Is this still available in the stores? Perhaps I can call around and track it down. Is the PM size the size of a carre, 34" square?
  11. ^^ that's guaranteed, the event and the fact that this has been a VERY good season. J said that they were getting restocked on a lot of things.
  12. Actually turquoise is a color that looks good on me. I will have to try that. I tried on the stole and am not quite ready for that size. Baby steps for me! I think the PM would work. Unfortunately when I went to H on Sat, the selection was very limited.
  13. I am so disappointed that I am going to miss the event--and no one needs it more than I do! It's my neice's communion. Drats!
  14. Tods ~ It's So Magnificent!!!!!!
  15. What A Nice Idea! That Would Be So Helpful To Me. I Basically Use My Scarves Just For My Bags.
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