Chicago Saks/Fall '06/Damier Speedy

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  1. Hi all,

    Just got back from Saks in Chicago yesterday.
    They informed me they got 10 Damier Speedys in...and apparently have some available (SA was trying to get me to buy one!) in case anyone is looking.

    I got to peek at the look book for fall because I wanted to see a pic of the black mono speedy. From the pic I really like it. The handles are black, and it is a mini mono style. The material is NOT canvas though. My SA said that it is linen, and is the same as a linen men's line that was out about 1-2 years ago. He said it wouldn't be bad looking, but he definitely recommended that I wait to see it IRL before ordering.

    We were also talking about the limited edition "groom" line and how I thought it was kind of ugly. He said that Marc Jacobs is insane and has totally lost his mind...and that the bags from here on out are just going to continue to be a bit more "out there" and "crazy"

    Finally...we were talking Spring and cerises and cherry blossoms...and he said he heard rumors of Marc and Murakami teaming up again for the spring. I hope sooo!!!!!!

    So anyways...sorry for rambling...but I just wanted to share!

    Oh yea.....I also walked out with a speedy 30 and a new wallet. I will try to post pics in a new thread later today :smile:
  2. aw cant wait to see pics!
  3. I saw the damier speedy yesterday and loved it! Of course the few that my LV has are on hold. Did that Saks have any 30s left??

    I can't wait to see the new fall bags! Between LV and chanel I'm going to go broke!!!:lol:
  4. You walked out without a Damier speedy? You have more willpower than most of us!
  5. i love the new onatah colors! there mirroir prices aren't as bad as i thought, 780 euros for the papillon. there is also a pochette plate for 350 euros. other news: vinyl bags, denim accessories, fur mc bags, black tobago line and many more..
    fall is going to be exciting :graucho:
  6. what are the new onatah colors? and are they still suede?
  7. I can't wait to see the pics! did he happen to say anything about a price increase? I sure hope not!
  8. yes, they're suede. already posted in your other thread: the colors will be dark brown and dark purple.
  9. I saw the Damier Speedy yesterday at LV in San Francisco. :biggrin: They couldn't sell one until June 1st. It's really pretty but I decided to go with the Saleya PM. :yahoo:
  10. Wowwww... can't wait!!! :flowers:
  11. Will June 1st EVER get here?? :cry:

  12. He told me the same thing about June 1st for the Damier. I am really in love with the mono line right now.....I think I need to stare at the Damier line for awhile longer before I head that way.
    He didn't say anything about price increases.
    My SA is Joel and he said they got 10 Damier speedys and he didn't say anything about being sold out.
    I already have my next piece picked out....a mono papillon (the largest size)...unless the black mono speedy is to die for!
    Hubby said I'm insane....I just spent over 1K yesterday and I'm already plotting the next purchase lol