Chicago girls: every been to TRU Restaurant? (link with lots of info within)


    Apparently I'm having a dinner date there while I'm in town.

    Any advice on attire, etc.? What sort of crowd to expect? What's yummy? Any info just because I like to be hyper-prepared?

    Editted to add: It seems hyper pretentious. "Sensory overload?" "Elysian Fields Lamb?" We don't have a lot of hip, contemporary restaurants in my area, we just have a few stuffy, fancy ones.
  2. I'd like to know, too. I was thinking of going there on one of my trips to chicago, but thought it might be too "fancy", i'm very picky.
  3. Hi gymangel!

    It looks pretentious as HELL from the website, huh? lol I think so, too!
  4. I haven't eaten at Tru, but I'd have to say leave room for dessert because Gale Gand is one of the most respected pastry chefs in the country. (Rick Tramonto, the chef is also very well known and respected.) Yes, it's a pretty fancy place and it may not be the the most enjoyable and fun place for people who aren't into fine dining.

    Elysian Fields is an organic farm that raises grass-fed livestock. A lot of high-end restaurants include the provenance of their ingredients to allude to the fact that they are organic, humanely raised, etc.
  5. I like TRU a lot, and order from the prix fixe menu. It doesn't seem so pretentious to me, just sleek and very with it. Exciting food and excellent service are the too qualities I most look for in a restaurant and TRu is great.
  6. The one time I was there I wore a dress. I can't even remember what I had...just remember that it was expensive! I think for a couple it was over $400 before tip. Maybe check on sometimes they have reviews with recommendations.
  7. It looks lovley. Beautiful presentation...I will have to check it out next time I am in Chicago. Let us know how it turns out!
  8. hi!, just wanted to let you know that i recieved the necklace and love it :biggrin: . i tried to pm you but your inbox was full.

    i've heard of gale gand and her desserts, maybe next time i'm in chicago, i'll just stop in for a dessert. i think i'd just be too picky for that kind of food, i'm more of a mcdonalds type of girl, lol.
    although i would have to say, if anyone is visiting chicago, go to grand lux cafe! its great food for a reasonable price with HUGE portions and super great desserts (molten chocolate cakes & strawberry shortcake:amuse: )
  9. Thanks, girls! I am *not* into fine dining. I am a macaroni and cheese kind of girl. I guess it'll be fun to be, as coco-nut said, with it. I'm going to wear a Diane von Furstenberg black and white graphic-print dress. It seems to go well with the decor.

    I'm pretty excited to see the Yves Klein "Venus Blue." I saw another version of that in Nice, France... I love Yves Klein. That'll make it worth it even if I have *no clue* what I am eating!!
  10. oops!
  11. Ahhh, Coco-nut, I wish I was going with you! I'm a Philistine when it comes to food. I hope my date is not expecting like really insightful commentary about the dishes or anything.
  12. You just need to start cooking, young lady. Once you start preparing your own meals, you'll really start appreciating incredibly complex and delectable restaurant food. It worked for me!
  13. Thanks, coco-nut! If you have a good beginner's cookbook to recommend, let me know! I'm really happy to hear that you've been to TRU and liked it. It would only be pretentious for me because I'd go for the atmopshere and not the food: but I promise to start cooking!

    This is a sort of witty review of TRU, for anyone who is curious (gymangel!):,0,1781742.story
  14. By the way, foie gras is now outlawed in Chicago!
  15. i hate cooking but even i can use the standard checked better homes and gardens cook book. it is the quintessential beginner's cookbook. lots of variety, very clear instructions, yummy recipes, lots of unpretentious comfort food and some stretch your boundaries dishes too. this is the one i have. it has more healthy recipies than the red version.