Chianti Rapture!

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  1. I'm so happy with this bag, it's gorgeous!! :yahoo: I'm not a big fan of true red bags but I love all shades of wine and burgundy. This is a gorgeous black cherry color, couldn't ask for prettier!

    Here are some pics -

    I would say this is an exact representation of the color -




    Some modeling pics, me, I'm nearly 5' 10 1/2!


    My 17 year old daughter who is about 5' 7", I dragged her outside with wet hair to pose, I'm such a bad mom! LOL (it is warm though, lol)



  2. Linda, this color is drop dead gorgeous! Like you, I'm not fond of true red, preferring wine, etc. but this shade is quite unique and beautiful. Of course, I love the Medium Dylan Tote. I think this bag with its amazing color, limited production, Dylan Medium Tote functionality is destined to be an HG bag for a lot of us. You'll be turning heads!
  3. Your daughter is sweet to model for us and the bag looks great on you both!
  4. LindaP - The chianti is beautiful! We are bag twins. :ghi5:

    I received my chianti wallet yesterday. I'm not really into being "matchy", but I really love this color. Congrats!
  5. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO jealous!!! I love love love it! Congrats. You and your daughter are gorgeous!
  6. Thanks Carmelita, that's very kind of you to say! :smile:

    cathead87 - bag twins, squee! LOL I wish I had gotten the wallet now, I do believe it is sold out. I'm not crazy about zip around wallets but I should have made an exception for this one. Still, I'm not complaining! :smile:

  7. Ok... I already loved this bag to distraction from cathead87's reveal. But these outside shots? :faint:
  8. It looks great!!
  9. wow. is there any place to find this bag?

    I think it was an LB exclusive but they're all out :sad:
  10. Thanks for all of these pics, Linda. I keep coming back to this thread to look at this chianti. If I can't have the bag, at least I can look at it!! :popcorn:
  11. riry, I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures, that's kind of you to say. :smile: I feel kinda bad though, I wish everyone who wanted one could have gotten one, it would have been more fun! As for right now it's put up in it's dustbag because I'm askeered to use it! lol

  12. Blasphemy!! Life is too short not to wear a fabulous bag! ;)
  13. I agree... take it out of its dustbag and wear the heck out of it!
  14. Is this another Mona Lisa? :lolots:
  15. It will eventually get worn, I'm just going to savor it for a bit! :blush:

    Also, I am absolutely loving on this new Tano bag I got! I'm not ready to put it up yet. :smile: