Chevron reissue: what colors?

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  1. Ok some of you may have seen my multiple chevron posts and know that I am obsessed with chevron at the moment. My brother and his gf are going to Paris and I'd like to get a bag, potentially the chevron 226. Does anyone know what else it came in besides black?

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  2. Dark Gray, Light Beige, Navy, Dark Red, Burgundy or Grape color?? May not be available in all markets.
  3. Oh my!! Thank you!! I'm going to have to go to a boutique and check out the colors!!
  4. They're gorgeous.
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  5. Hi JoeyLouis
    Do you happen to know whether they come in size 225?
    My SA said they only ordered 226 except for the so black which comes in 225.
  6. I think it depends on what country you are in and then what your boutique ordered. My understanding is that the Chanel stand-alone boutiques in US got the smaller one in Dark Red and Black on Black (per Chanel SA). Neiman Marcus had black on black. I saw the light beige smaller one in Canada Chanel boutique, but the price was ridiculous at 6375 or 6325(?) CDN.

    I tried to call Chanel Customer Service, and while they were nice, they couldn't give me a straight answer on which small ones were @ what stores. They also said they couldn't access inventory in other countries outside of the US. Perhaps you'll have better luck if you call them and get a different CS rep. I suggest to get the A and Y style number from the website, and ask about additional colors.
  7. I'm not a fan of the chevron usually but it looks divine in the reissue flaps.
  8. I bought this black one (227) and am still contemplating getting the navy one as well.
  9. Thanks. Thinking of getting one in the 226 size. Only concern is whether I can wear it single strap & crossbody as I am only 159. I love my black quilted reissue as I can wear it comfortably in any way & that baby is so light & carefree. :smile:
  10. I saw the dark grey with light gold hardware today and it is stunning. I have lots of Chanel and never really understood the chevron but when I saw these - I get it! The navy blue and dark red are amazing also. I went looking for a smaller sized bag in burgundy, ended up buying the dark grey. I'm in Sydney and l'm lucky they didn't have the burgundy in small as it would have been hard to choose...
  11. Nice! Would you please share a pic? Sometimes a real photo shows differently than the stock photo on the site. :smile:
  12. I've seen the burgundy and olive green with ghw but in my opinion the all black is the nicest which was why I went for that in the end. It looks unique with everything in black [emoji1]
  13. Here's my dark gray/GHW 226. It's an absolutely fabulous combo in my opinion.

  14. This is lovely! [emoji7]
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