Chevron quilted or Gauffre pleated?

  1. Has anyone seen the Chevron quilted leather IRL? Is it as soft and squishy as the Gauffre bags?:shrugs:
  2. Honestly..I thought the chevron bags are HIDEOUS IRL..The Gauffre are WAY NICER....
  3. Thanks Jill- I was wondering why they were so readily available on all the on-line catalogs. Back to the Gauffre shopping then...
  4. What Jill said -- totally agree.
  5. I saw some of the chevrons in person and LOVED them. Would have bought one if they weren't more expensive.
  6. TRUST JILL!!!!, she is always right.;)
  7. oh-kaaaaaaay.
  8. I do trust her, I had my order in for the Gauffre hobo but had to cancel it for now as I need to wait for a little more money to come in. It's so valuable to be able to hear from all of the members who are next door to the boutiques and salons. I've returned too many mail ordered things that don't look the same in the glossy catalog as they do in real life.:wtf:
  9. The chevron quilted would be a good prop for Harry Potter or Lord of the rings.. It reminds me of branches on a tree. :lol:

    But that's just my opinion and i'm sure someone can rock it right :shrugs:
  10. I've seen and felt the chevron IRL, and frankly it reminds of skin disease. Or like some flesh-eating bacteria with a good sense of direction and geometry ran amock over some poor cow's hide.

    But it does screeeeeeeeeeeam opulence.
  11. Gauffre bags look a lot better than the Chevron bags. And I agree with you doulosforhim, Jill knows what she's talking about and has the best test! You can always trust her! :yes:
  12. Gaufre
  13. :nuts: :roflmfao:
  14. too funny - I thought it looked like a bunch of old, wrinkly skin pinched together...:roflmfao: .in the grey color it looks even worse...
  15. It comes in grey? :shocked: Let's make that skin disease on a cadaver. :shocked:

    The real joke is that I may eventually fall in love with the skin disease on a cadaver bag and obsess over possessing one.:rolleyes: