Cherry Pochette Accessory

  1. I saw a like new cherry pochette accessory bag at a consignment shop for $355. Is that a good price? Also, I saw a bunch of other pre-owned Louis Vuitton bags and wallets and shoes. They have several monogram pieces, orange Epi wallet, red Epi Speedy, and some Vernis bags including the Columbus bag.
  2. I just paid $375 for mine brand new from the LV store so I guess it depends on the condition!?! Seems a bit high for a used item to me?
  3. Since it's discontinued and sold out(?)....if it's like new and real then it's not bad.:smile:
  4. Just make sure it's real! I keep hearing on the forum about consignment shops that sell fake LV.
  5. Yeah, for $355, if it's new/mint and real, I'd go for it....
  6. Definitely make sure it's real..which color combination is it?
  7. i think she's talking about the cerise cherries.
  8. Yeah I just realized that. I'm used to calling it Cerises and the other one Cherry Blossom or just Cherry lol.
    But anyway..if it's the Cerises, then no, I wouldn't get it..there might still be some around in the stores so I'd just get a new one if you're in the market for it.
  9. if it is used, it is a wee bit expensive for its price, try your nearest LV store if they still have it in stock.....or if you could still negotiate with the seller if you can get it for a bit less, then maybe.......just maybe....
  10. If it's real, get it!!!