Cherry Blossom Pouchette-Keep or Sell?

  1. So after months and months of waiting and being put on wait lists in every LV Boutiqe nation wide...I finally was able to get Pink Chery Blossom Pouchette in 2004.

    Now, years later, I haven't used it much but can't decide whether I should try to sell it? And put it towards something new, or keep hanging on to it.

    I do like it, and think its cute. But is it to cutsey for an over 30 year old to be using? I seemed to only use it when I went out, but now I like having my sunglasses, camera, wallet, phone etc...and that all doesnt' fit in the pouchette.

    Thoughts? Would I regret selling? Have you all hung on to yours?
  2. My daughter mostly uses the Pochettes but I certainly would still carry the pink Cherry blossom if it suited my outfit. I would keep it, would never part with any of my LE items.
  3. You're never too old to carry CB items, IMO! ;)

    Hmmm... I would depart with it... I mean sure it's a discontinued beautiful piece, but if you're not using it as much, I would try to sell it and put it towards something bigger. ;)
  4. Sounds like you're just not IN LOVE with it anymore...I would sell and put the money towards a bag you LOVE!!!
  5. I have a CB pochette red/cream. I am 36 years old. Every once in awhile I'll use it and when I do I get a lot of compliments. I love mine and would never part with it.
  6. I think it's adorable and love mine.
    I wouldn't keep it though just to keep it...sell it and buy something you know you'll use :yes:
  7. Ya...I struggle because it is LE. I do think its so cute. And I do love it, just wish it was a bit bigger so I'd get more use out of it. I use to go out to the clubs more often, back in my single I used it more. But now that I have the live in boyfriend, we stay in more-which is great for my purse budget :smile:

    Do you use your pink cherry blossom in the winter? Or just keep them for summer?
  8. I have the Cerises pochette. I'm noticing that I can't fit everything I need these days into a purse that small, so I always carry a pochette inside a larger bag. That really works for me. And no, I don't think you're too old to carry Cherry Blossom. I'd hold on to it.
  9. I have a few Pochette Accessories and I love them for when I want to make a quick jaunt and don't need a huge bag like I normally use. Also, the Pochettes are wonderful bags to use inside of other bags. Unless you are just tired of yours and no longer want it, I'd keep it because it will come in handy to hold other things and fit inside of a larger bag like a Bucket or a Keepall if you're traveling.
  10. I love mine...keep it! I have the pink pochette as well and I don't use it that often but it was my first LV and I just love looking at all the cherry blossoms...I hold onto it because if I sell the pochette it means that I should sell my cles and porte monnaie as well :p I'm dying to get something in brown/pink CB!
  11. Shmoo88: I have the exact same problem. I don't use my brown/pink CB & it's kinda small for me, but it's limited edition. Well, I decided to let my pochette go .......& I am glad I did. Now, I can use the money to buy something that I like even MORE. Sell it!
  12. You haven't had buyers remorse? I've taken pictures and made an auction on eBay...but then just couldn't go through with it. I think its near and dear to me because it was the first NEW LV i purchased. My first LV came from eBay. Aaaah, memories.

    I have used it in my keepall 45 before, but then I worry it will get banged up inside of the bag with the other stuff.
  13. I love the cb items, and looked at pouchettes before, but it's too small for me hard as it is, I would say if your not using it, sell it.
  14. I just love my pink CB pochette. DH refuses to let me sell it, not that I would cos he likes it too.
  15. and there are lots of people who want them... so i say sell it. you could sell it for more than what you paid for it, assuming it is in good condition!