Cherry blossom papillon or cerises speedy?

  1. It's such a hard decision:shrugs: . Any pros/cons for each? And if anyone has pictures of themselves modeling their papillon/speedy please do post, they would surely help :yes: .
  2. I think I would buy a CB papillon. Might be cuz I have cerises pochette on the way here :p But I do think the CB is cuter.
  3. Definitely a CB!
  4. i love both lines and can't decide.
  5. Personally I'd go for the cerises speedy.. Sadly all the 14 year old with bad CB fakes have destroyed it for me, no matter how pretty the real deal is.
  6. CB for sure.
  7. Sadly, I know what you mean:s , it's either a cb fake, a mc fake, or a chanel cambon fake:hysteric:
  8. CB for me!
  9. I think the Speeyd is cuter
  10. i prefer the cherry blossom papillon... but the cerises is adorable too!
  11. cerises speedy
  12. cb pap!
  13. cerises speedy.
  14. My vote is for the CB Papillon :love: