Cherche midi 25 or mini Bolide?

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  1. Hi ladies, I’m trying to get a new bag between these 2, can you give me some ideas? Pros and cons?

    I love the Cherche midi can be worn as shoulder bag or crossbody and looks like it fits a lot, and the mini Bolide is so cute to resist! Please help!
  2. I didn't realize the cherche midi can be cross-body, I thought it was too short to be crossbody.

    The mini bolide is SUPER cute, but the strap is too strap (unless you add a twilly on for extra length). I tried one on in my store but it is just too small for practicality (at least for me), and I didn't love it enough to overcome the "not practical" factor.
  3. I tried the Cherche midi in store and I can wear it crossbody if I adjust the strap length, I am 5'3 and it hits my waist perfectly. So hard to decide....
  4. Can you fit your essentials in the cherche midi? If yes then I say go for the cherche midi.
  5. Which colors?? I think Cherche Midi style looks particularly good in neutral colors like black, brown, etc. - "serious colors." Mini Bolide looks particularly good to me in bright colors. Speaking as someone who has a very serious-looking burgundy Bo 31. :smile:
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