1. Does anyone with this bag have pictures of it? Preferably one of it being carried?

    Thanks!! :flowers:
  2. I found this in an eBay-auction a bit ago:
  3. it's not being carried..... but you can find it in the pic!! :P :heart:
  4. Thank you!! It helps a ton.

    Now I remember the one thing that I didn't care for on the Chelsea. The part where the straps hung past it's buckles. I wanted to shorten the area that hangs past the buckles, but then it made the bag wayyyy too long for me.

    I think that I will take a peek at it one more time though, just in case.

    I put a towel in my Mezzo last night, and sat it on my dresser. It looks much better once it has some filling in it. :smile:

    After I double check the Saleya and the Chelsea this week to definetly rule those out, I think I'll keep my Mezzo. :shame: :upsidedown: :shame:
  5. Bjara, I happen to *love* your Damier Mezzo. I ordered a Chelsea a little while back, but I didn't like the fact that the straps were dangling loose at the bottom either, so I sent it back. As you said, if you bring the straps up, then they're too long. If it weren't for the straps, I'd really like the Chelsea. I just wish it had stationary handles like the Mezzo.
  6. Thank you, Tammy. :tender:

    I think what I really needed was all these wonderful, positive opinions!!

    I feel much better about the Mezzo already. :yahoo:
  7. I have a special edition Chelsea with vachetta leather - I'll try to post pics tonight. BTW, it has stationary straps. :yes:
  8. Here she is (BTW I'm only five-feet tall):
    Chelsea.jpg Chelsea2.jpg
  9. What a beautiful baby! :smile:
  10. :nuts: Addicted, I love your special edition Chelsea! Ah, if they all just had the stationary straps!
  11. ^^^ Thanks! :flowers: Actually, I was thinking I might the adjustable ones more!
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