Chelsea Satchel question

  1. Hi, I'm new to this board and new to designer purses. I love handbags and was wondering about the Chelsea Satchel in optic fabric with the turnlock, whether it is avail at the outlets. I can't find it on the coach website. Also, does eBay sell authentic Coach? Thanks!
  2. If you go the eBay route research your seller and KNOW what your looking for about 90% is fake on eBay. Of course you can ask us and we can help.
    I don't know if that bag has hit the outlets yet but I own the Chelsea Optic Hobo and LOVE it!

    good luck
  3. I saw them at our Macys.
  4. I picked up the metallic Chelsea satchel in an outlet on Black Friday. I have seen some of the hobos in the fabric, but not the satchel. Call the outlets near you and see if they have any since they're definitely not in boutiques anymore. You could also call customer service, but I believe if you order it through them you will pay full retail even if it is available in the outlets.

    Other than that, reddianasaur is right - ebay is tricky, but you can get a deal if you know what you're looking at. Definitely use the "authenticate this" thread and post any links to ebay auctions there so we can authenticate things for you!

    Good luck!
  5. I really like the style of this bag. I have not seen it at my local outlets. I'll be looking.