Chelsea leather

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  1. Hi all,
    I am a lurker and this is my first post. I am interested in the Chelsea pebbled leather. Does anyone own one of these purses? The leather is so soft, but I was wondering how to clean it or if you could use conditioner on it. Does it scratch easily? Can you bring it out in the rain?
    I saw some pieces at Wrentham outlet this weekend and they looked tempting, but I've never owned this type of leather before.
    Thanks for any info.!
  2. I have the Chelsea leather tote in both black and green nubuc. They are both fabulous. I haven't done anything special to them although I should probably treat the nubuc with Appleguard. It doesn't rain much here so I don't think I've had it out in the rain.
  3. I only have the mahogany pebbled leather and I use apple care moisturizer on it. I can't speak for the lighter colors. I have sprayed chelsea lavendar nubuc with the suede protector and it did not change the color or the texture. If the pebble leather would be easier to keep clean than nubuc.