Cheeky Tuesday morning reveal!.........

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  1. Look what arrived in the post this excited!

    Hope the photo has attached first reveal!


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  2. Let's see!!
  3. Any guesses????

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  4. Alexa?
  5. Can we have any clues ?
  6. afraid not
  7. Bays?
  8. She's a gorgeous messenger!
  9. Daria?
  10. I thought long and hard before deciding to get her and took your advice on the forum.......i think you're all fab!

    Here she is................................a black plonge lambskin Leah Messenger!


    Even love the mulberry print mask that was included! how sad am i?


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  11. She is stunning! Congrats, Sunny! Any modelling pics?
  12. Thanks Sara - will see if i can sort some more pics
  13. oo gorgeous the leather looks sooo devine.... congrats
  14. That's lovely sunny. I've never seen it in black before and the leather looks fabulous. Congratulations.
  15. Ooh yes, it's beautiful :biggrin: and I know how amazing this leather is!!

    Are u spellbound by ya new bag?!!!