Checking On Your Family?

  1. I am just curious a to whether you go check on your dh, so, kids etc. when you come into the house.

    When I come home I like to check on everyone to make sure they are okay and even if I know they should be asleep I go and check to make sure I know where everyone is and what they are doing.

    Now this is a stark contrast from my husband who will come in the house sit down, turn on the TV and stay there for several hours.

    Now this really irks me because I always come up with scenario that if there is something wrong you checking on us could be the difference between life or death. Extreme I know, but it is possible.

    Should this irk me so much? I feel like he could care less about his family and more about the sports stats. Or do you think this is just a differece between men and women. Either way it still ticks me off.
  2. i ALWAYS walk into the house & check on the fam .. especially my doggie! lol! ..

    it might be a "girl thing" .. but i see where u could be irked about that! i don't necessarily think it's a girl vs. guy thing .. i think it's only appropriate for ANYONE to walk in the house and check on the fam! :]
  3. both my DH and I check in with each other when we come home. then we check on our animals who usually are at the door anyway...
  4. Nothing wrong with what you're doing. Its perhaps a matter of it-doesn't-occur-to-him because he thinks differently, not that he doesn't care. I hate it when "men" do these kind of insensitive things and love to say in my head that its because he doesn't care. But everyone thinks differently men and women both. My dad always checks as does my mom. In general it appears *men* are like this because of how they're brought up and just leads to things like that. In some societies or cultures men and women are equally protective and concerned about everything about all family/friends. It may sound annoying to some but it really isn't and I love it. I always feel "safe" and loved:yes:
  5. Yup....I always do. I always go and find DH and see what he's up to and ask him about his day.
  6. Hm, we are like running to the door to welcome and greet whichever one is returning. Does that count as checking in? :shrugs: