checkbook holder?

  1. I need a really cute one! Preferably NO logo (LV, Coach, etc). Something plain/simple, but hot! :smile:
  2. JUST a checkbook holder? Like a cover? Nothing else? Oberon Leather makes some beautiful covers - I've had one for years, they hold their color well and are virtually indestructable - besides being beautiful!
  3. ohohoho that's one cute HK checkbook wallet!
  4. I LOVE that hello kitty checkbook!!!!!!
  5. I have a Hello Kitty Chococat checkbook holder and I ADORE it. It's yellow, pink, beig stripes, with a silly chococat in the middle. Too fabulous.
  6. I 2nd the Oberon vote - I've had one since I was a teenager and I'm in my 30's now - it still looks brand new!!!