Checkbook Holder Replacement

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  1. I like to carry my checkbook separately from my wallet (don't use it that much and like to carry a smallish wallet). I've had a lovely one for years..made of Italian leather and purchased at Nordstrom. But it is finally on its last legs and I've been in search of a new one with no luck. None have really grabbed my attention. It must be chic, cute, or just plain fun. Anyone have one they love? Recommendations?

    Thank you kindly!
  2. I have a LV because I couldn't find anything either. Maybe a brighton or icon? I saw icon pieces in Nordstrom but don't know if a checkbook cover is available.
  3. I carry an LV one as well.
  4. Good question because I'm looking for one as well.

    I have an old MCM one--of all things. They were big, and then they disappeared almost overnight. At least I got it about 75% off at the time.

    I'm really in the market for an LV because they last for eons. I gave the one I had to my dad, and now that I need another, they're out. :sad:
  5. Yeah....what happened to them?

    I have a sleeper with their logo on it, Nordstrom gave it to me for a bag that didn't come with a sleeper. I guess they had extras. LOL
  6. Well, I love my hot pink leather Coach one. I just put my checkbook(coverless) in the pocket. It's got the perfect amount of room for my stuff.
  7. I haven't got a clue what happened to MCM. I'm in Atlanta, and at one time they had a darling little boutique at Lenox Square. Like the Gucci of old, they also sold certain pieces at department stores...and then they went POOF. I wonder if the company had problems back in Germany.

    Maybe it's not all that surprising as the quality wasn't always that great. A lot of their larger pieces (handbags and suitcases) looked great, but the smaller pieces were just okay. My checkbook cover isn't 1/10th the quality of an LV. For $13 though, could I complain? LOL

  8. Passersby: You're really hot on the trail! Those hand-painted ones are gorgeous! It's hard enough to find bags in my town...accessories like these seem nearly impossible! I almost bought a gold one at Nordstrom (also has slots for cards) but couldn't decide if that was too "flashy". On the other hand...for inside of my bag, I like to get more creative...have a little more fun!
  9. I'm using a black Prada saffiano leather checkbook cover. It's slim and simple. PRADA is embossed onto the leather instead of the traditional plaque.
  10. Leah411, how about Lodis Accessories?
    (1st 3 pics off, the last one is off

    PS One of ebags' best features is their reviews section, and you might wish to check out some reviews on the following:

    1) Lodis Chic Tab Over Collection $46
    2) Lodis Opera Large Purse Wallet $115
    3) Lodis Double Zip Checkbook Clutch $89
    4) Lodis New Day Checkbook Clutch $111-95
  11. passerby --

    You find the greatest stuff in red!
  12. Passerby: That first style..the "tab over"...looks exactly like the style I am looking for. Holds the checkbook and a few cards and that's it. As I want it to carry in addition to my wallet so I can leave the checkbook behind when I don't use it. That's the style I had previously. And red! That seems a like a great color to cheer up the inside of my bag! I am definitely going to check those out.

    Speaking of Lodis...I almost bought the teeniest (red!) Lodis wallet at Nordstrom Rack yesterday. It was perfect for throwing into my smaller bags. It was only $16.98. Hmmm...come to think of it...why didn't I buy it?? :blink: