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  1. Has anyone but me seen all the Bal bags on ebay selling for 167.00?U.S. dollars? I believe they are authentic but the seller is in the uk, she must have made a hugh mistake!! She must have about 15 bags for sale so check it out!!!!:confused1:
  2. Hmmm...I kind of doubt it. Most listings that seem too good to be true probably are. Worst case scenario, they're stolen pictures. I'll have to check it out myself!
  3. but read one of them, she's claiming to be a PFer and even used her ID name, but there's a real auction by that member if you tab down for the real rouille twiggy. this one's a big cheat!
  4. I haven't seen them....but please please don't persue them. With 15 bags and all so cheap they'd have to be fake....or stolen pics/auctions.
    Report them to eBay instead ;)
  5. Uh....I think I know who are you talking about. Looks like they "borrowed" a photo (or two or all of them) because I see a watermark on one photo and the settings are all different for the auctions.
  6. How nice is it that it's all one day listings??! (insert sarcasm)
  7. wow, that was fast! all of those auctions were removed! justice!!
  8. They were stolen photos :cursing:
  9. Yay!!! That was quick!
  10. Justice prevails! :smile:

  11. ebay sent me a notice that this account was hacked! Thank goodness no one got involved in this.
  12. Yes, these are the stolen listings. There are many many many threads about them, they come up with new prices each time. They are all scams. I'm going to close this thread since there are multiple threads about this issue already :flowers:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.