Check this out....He he he.

  1. For all you ladies that cannot find the purse, size that you want, now you can make your own!!

    Ha ha.... Maybe I can make a Coach and Gucci patchwork purse.
    do you think it would be hard to make a Carly...:okay:
  2. Just to make things clear, I am kidding!!:roflmfao:
  3. :wtf::roflmfao:
  4. WTF!!!!! HAHAHAHA...ugh.
  5. Perfect for all the Christmas crafters out there. LOL!!! Thanks for the laugh!
  6. :throwup:
  7. Oh my.. that is JUST what I have been looking for!!!!!!!! :throwup:
  8. HAHAHA! I know what to ask for for Christmas!:throwup:
  9. We can all officially pimp our rides....
    How would a wedding dress look with the coach fabric, cause I think I would look super classy!!:okay:
  10. $65 a yard is more than a little steep to pay for fake fabric.

    Although, I would be very amused to see a Coach fabric coach or something!
  11. Ew.