check out this auction....

  1. Shooting star Birkins are made by the H craftsmen for their personal use and are considered to be collectors items by some. These bags cannot be sent in for spa treatments or repair to H.

  2. Rose:

    I know about the shooting star bags and who makes them...............was wondering about the claim that they can be serviced and the buyer will get some special access.............
  3. ^^oh... hmmm never heard of that before....
  4. I swear to God, that seller just makes things up out of whole cloth. "I shall give" this supposed special access??" What the hell is that even supposed to mean?! Is she claiming to have control over the ACTUAL Hermes?

    Seriously. Stuff like this gives all eBay sellers a bad name. :tdown:
  5. I did read somewhere that shooting star Birkin can be refurbished at Hermes but this fact is not yet confirmed or pending for confirmation?

    So far, some people say it can be refurbished and some say it can't.

    I am clueless :shrugs:.
  6. I had it straight from Pierre (craftsman at H Madison, he resides upstairs on the 3rd floor) that yes, in fact, a shooting star bag can be serviced, but you may be subject to some odd looks and/or questions about where you acquired the bag.

    Employee SALE bags, on the other hand, appear NOT to be refurbishable at Hermes when brought in by anyone other than the employee themselves.
  7. My issue with the listing is that it's implied that there is some "super secret handshake special club" that the seller can somehow grant access to.
    That's just ridiculous, and slightly deceptive in my opinion.

    Why can't people just be honest about what they have?!
  8. ^^you mean to say that the "super secret handshake' you showed me is not valid in this case!!
  9. LOL, shhhhhh.
  10. is that the handshake behind the back and under the right leg or the one with the left hand wearing an orange glove under the stairs at midnight?
  11. are those the "S" stamped bags???
  12. No. It's the one that appears to be a normal handshake, but you actually tickle the other person's palm with your middle finger....if they're in on the secret, they know not to giggle...
  13. :roflmfao:
  14. Yes. Remember the Rouge H box one, that's now being sold on eBay again, stamped S 3456 or whatever, right under the embossing on the front of the bag? That is an employee sale bag.

    And the handshake I am referring to involved a llama, pasties, and chocolate milk. Ya'll are way off.