Check out these boots!

  1. Oh I love them...they would probably be a great match!!!!
  2. I'm pretty sure it'll match! I wish they had it in other colors so I could get one to match mine!
  3. They look great should definately get them and then post pics for us to admire!
  4. I totally agree with catcat youshould get them. Lit has these and I've seen photos and they are gorgeous! Are you going to get them daisy?
  5. Did someone say...BOOTS???

    Wow, love those!!!
  6. love them!
  7. Mine are actually a little different. But yeah, I'm sure they'll match since Saks calls the color Cognac.
  8. i've had my bag for over 2 years and i think they were as light as the boots when i first got it. i'm hoping the leather of the boots gets as dark...if not, i guess i'll have to deal with it. they're both 'cognac,' don't know why the discrepancy in color.
    shoes 002.jpg
  9. The boots are great but I think they are a bit dark for the cognac spy. But like I said, they are really great boots.
  10. Cool boots! They would look great with your cognac spy.
  11. ohh yea i love them!
  12. Love the boots! They are gorgeous!
  13. On the contrary, the boots are a bit lighter than the cognac bag...that's why I'm hoping they get darker with time
  14. sorry but they are a NAY imo