Check Out Nicole's New Tattoo

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    Nicole Richie had her tats done at Shamrock Tattoo in West Hollywood
    Now we can show you exactly which design Nicole decided on -- a scribble of her own name on her neck! Creative, we know....Tmz

    Props go out to the tattoo artist who managed to squeeze all 6 letters of Richie's name on her skinny little neck without going all the way around. :nuts:
  2. Cute...
  3. Nice one for finding those pics Prada, I was soo looking forward to seeing what she got done.
  4. How awesome!!! It looks sooo cute! :nuts:
  5. Cute!
  6. lol I must be the only one who thinks its retarded...along with the bow above it. I also think our little narcissist looks horrid with that t-shirt and fedora...well the whole thing really.
  7. Cute tattoo.
  8. Whats the purpose of tatooing your own name on you? Incase you forget who you are? Or making it easy to indentify your body? Weird.

  9. I think it's dumb too? What's the point of tattooing your own name on the back of your neck? In case you get a sudden bought of amnesia while walking down a hall of mirrors backwards?

    I usually like her tattoos (love the angel wings) but this one isn't cute.
  10. exactly..
  11. Cute.
  12. That is really cute ..I love her tattoo's always discreet
  13. That is an old tatoo. She has had that for along time.
  14. Just don't really like tattoos & think that one is pointless but at least she can hide it with her hair!
  15. Really ?