Check out my Chloe bag!

  1. Look what my boyfriend bought me! :wlae:
  2. Very CUTE....Congrats! What a sweet BF!
  3. NO WAYYYY! I dont get it - my boy thinks i'm nuts buying these bags - there is no way he would buy me a paddy!! You are very lucky! :tup:
  4. Lucky gal to have a boyfriend with style!! Congrats on both the bag and a BF with good taste!
  5. It's beautiful... congrats on the bag (and the BF)...
  6. congrats and how sweet !!!!!!!!!!!
  7. :wtf: He's a keeper!!
  8. Great BF, Great Bag!! I'd keep both!!
  9. Beautiful, lucky you.
  10. congrats on both...btw, whats your trick with the bf???
  11. Lucky girl! Congrats!
  12. How sweet! You are one lucky gal!
  13. Thanks for all the compliments! You've all been very sweet :smile:I told my bf I was eyeing a baby paddy and he actually went into a Chloe shop (without me) and snagged this bag. The SA told him its limited version and was on reserve for a regular client but he managed to sweet talk his way to getting this bag! My bf knows nothing about purses and the thought of him going to all the effort just makes it all the more sweet :p The pic I uploaded isn't the best and I'll try to upload better shots of my beloved baby paddy ;)
  14. He's got great taste in bags and apparantly you know how to pick your men!
  15. Better pics of my Chloe baby paddy!
    DSC03536.jpg DSC03539.jpg DSC03538.jpg