check out my accessories extravaganza *pics*

  1. So I've been busily acquiring some tdf items over the past month or so! :yahoo:

    Can you guess what they are....
    vuitton 016.jpg
  2. Um um um... a Pomme agenda, ludlow, and Jack & Lucie, and and... any hints?? :nuts:
  3. lol, you're close! there is at least 1 item in pomme :yes:

    let's see if you can use another hint-
    vuitton 011.jpg
  4. ack!! I want to see the pics please!!
  5. Show us!! : )
  6. I won't tease you guys for too long....;)

    here are the new additions:heart:

    -Black LV shawl
    -Pomme french wallet
    -pomme multicles
    -framboise cles
    -cerises cles
    vuitton 012.jpg vuitton 015.jpg
  7. Time goes by so slowly...
  8. Very nice, congrats! :yes:
  9. Everything is so cute! :heart: Thanks for sharing!
  10. OOOOOOH lovely!
  11. Cuuuute!!! I stepped away from my computer for a few minutes and missed the unveiling! :heart: all the vernis and the cerises cles is adorable!!
  12. CONGRATS!! :yahoo: everything is GORGEOUS!!
  13. I love everything, congrats!
  14. congrats! i love the framboise cles!
  15. the ceries cles is so cute!! congrats!!