check out his great deal

  1. That is a good deal!
  2. Wow that is gorgeous ! I wish I had the money.. and a place to use it at !
  3. That's very pretty....but I'm just like you. Wish I wore enough black to warrant such a beautiful piece.
  4. very nice, i like the pattern.
  5. oh man, SO gorgeous! Someone get this so I get live through you =)
  6. This is an unique bag, I've never seen it either, wondering which collection it's from. Thanks Sunshine for sharing such a great deal. Somebody snatch this baby before it's gone quick style!
  7. Thanks for the post. It's beautiful!
  8. I still want this bag!!!! NO NO NO! I wear black like once a year...NO....I just love it though....
  9. I love the black velvet gracie they have! Worth every penny of $3,900