Cheaper to buy in Europe?

  1. Is it cheaper to buy Dior handbags in Europe? My SO will be going to France for business and I was thinking of having him get me a bag there. Or I will order one on the Dior site and have it shipped to his place in France.

    Your thoughts?

  2. if he is from US definitely get him to buy something in Paris and he will get the tax back, so it should work out cheaper than US prices ( sorry, not familiar with US prices at all, but i read on the forum a good few gals did that and were happy with the result )
  3. It's definitely cheaper to buy in Europe. :tup: I purchased a Dior street chic sling when I was in Rome a few years ago and saved $300 because of the VAT (11-13%) refund and not having to pay for the 8.5% sales tax if I made the purchase in SF.
  4. I disagree, I think everything is much cheeper in the US than in here. Well, it might effect also where you buy.. Ofcourse you may find some great sales from Paris, but usually everything is so much cheeper in NYC etc. :smile:
  5. well its cheaper only if you`re from US and will get the tax back:yes:
  6. Oh yes, maybe that way it comes cheeper :yes: