"Cheap" jeans that you love?

  1. Do they exist?:lol:
    Seriously, are there any great jeans out there for under $100.00?:girlsigh:
  2. I bought a pair from Banana Republic the other day that look Fab!!!! $120.00 ( a little over...but hey thats close!!!)
  3. Bebe is OK too
  4. are you kidding?
    it doesn't get better then levi's men's 501. shrink to fit gives you the dark dark denim formal look, white are super soft but classic. those are perfect perfect jeans - button fly, etc. they're $40 and under.
    for my $$ jeans, i wouldn't touch anything besides apc, and they keep it under $200 (for now).
  5. The ones that fit me the best are the Curvy jeans from Express.
    I wanted to get a pair of really nice ones from NM...but sadly all the expensive ones don't fit well on my body :sad:
  6. I love Pure Color jeans as well...they are not too high...
  7. I have a couple pairs of Mavi jeans which I got at Macy's. I think they're around $75 or so.
  8. Zara TRF Jeans and MNG by Mango Jeans both fit me very well (except for the skinny jean style). They're all under $100.
  9. Mavi and Guess are decent for their price. Better if from the factory outlet.
  10. I love designer jeans...True Religion being mu favorite, but I was at Marshall's recently, and bought the best pair of jeans (for going out), for $19.99. They were so cute that when I came out of the dressing room, two ladies asked me where they came from and went ang got a pair. The brand name is Indie, and they were in the juniors department.....
  11. i like see through soul....a sales girl at Nordstrom's brass plum was helping my friend try on jeans and talked me into a pair too. they can be had for between 50 and 70 dollars most of the time. they stretch a lot...i wear a 30 in most brands, but can easily fit in a 28 in those.
  12. i have a few pairs of cheap jeans.. miss sixties mostly, and frankie b.

    i have to admit i dont wear them as much as my more expensive jeans tho.
  13. i normally hate old navy jeans, but i recently bought a pair of their skinny jeans that are fabulous - they seriously look so much more expensive than they are. they were $25. i was astounded (as i mentioned in several threads, lol).

    i also really like jcrew jeans - some of them are over $100, not all of them, but their washes are really nice and classic and they're good quality. i recently bought a beautiful pair of their trouser jeans at the outlet that were about $70.
  14. I've heard that J.Crew jeans run large. Did you have to buy a smaller size?
  15. these did seem a tad big, i usually wear a 34 and i bought them in a 33. i find that trouser jeans usually run big, though, so i can't attest to the other cuts. i do remember trying on a pair a while back at the regular store in a 34 that were too big in the ass, but my ass is basically not even there anyway, so that's not that unusual.