Chaumet Watch, Your opinion

  1. Hi all.. I need your opinion on this:
    I have this Chaumet watch with a black rubber band, I am thinking of replacing it with a white one or pink. But i dont know if it's going to look good because the thing is as you can see the watch has sort of a greysih sliver face?

    so any suggestions?
    Event 030.jpg Event 032.jpg
  2. Hmm i really like the watch how it looks now,
    It's so pretty!
  3. I think it would look lovely with a color band. The black face makes it dressier.
  4. I think a pink strap would look good with the grey/silver face. Pretty watch!
  5. It looks pretty the way it is...but if you really wanted to change it, I'd go for the white strap.
  6. I really like the watch the way it is, but if you really want to change it then maybe a white strap. The black is classic.
  7. love that watch!!

    I think black is best!
  8. thank you for your replies... i guess i'll just stick with the black then :smile: