1. Should I add a charm/fob. I've never had one, do you think it's too "young" to add one??? (yes, I'm in the over 40 group :smile:). Here's my current handbag:
  2. I have a medium Carly in Khaki/Beet and I currently have the newer penguin Keyfob on mine. I don't have access to a picture right now, because I'm at work, but if you look really closely at my Avatar, you might be able to see it.

    I also belong to the over 40 group. Or at least I will at the end of April. I don't think its a faux pas to put a keyfob on your bag if you are over 40. Now, I don't think you'll catch me in any mini skirts anymore, but I don't have a problem with the keyfobs.
  3. I'm 41 and I put charms on my bags! I just keep it simple, like maybe just one charm on a smaller bag and sometimes 2 on a bigger one. The brass heart with Coach script looks fantastic with the Carly's! I'm waiting on a large Carly in beet like yours to arrive and will put my heart keyfob on it!
  4. OOhh, the brass heart sounds perfect. Does anyone know if these are in the outlets, or do I have to search eBay?
  5. I'd call JAX first with the item number. Not too long ago someone purchased one from JAX! I thought they were all gone! Try that first. The number is 92069.
  6. I think any of these would look great


  7. I love charms on bags!!! I don't think it matters what age you are!
  8. i'm only 21, but I don't think it'd be too "young" to put a charm or two on your bag -- they're really cute & are for everybody
  9. I agree, I love them.. and if you love them, go for it! :yes:
  10. I'm 43 and I love to dress up my bags! I usually have a coordinating ponytail scarf and my two childrens initials (with matching hardware - either brass or nickel!) on most bags that I carry.
  11. My mom just turned 60 and loves adding a charm or keyfob to her bags :yes:
  12. Oooooh - your Carly is beautiful! I just love that beet/khaki combo! Too bad I got my black Carly right before these came out. I guess there's always the outlets......

    I'm 40 and I just started dressing up my bags. I have that Legacy ponytail scarf on my Carly. I haven't used the keychains/charms because I'm trying not to add any additional weight to the bags. They're a little too heavy for me as it is.
  13. Stunning, love the duo.
    I would hang a brass script charm...
  14. Pooey on age lol! Im almost 38 and I have several. The gold script key fob is the one Im currently using and the rest are ones I use along the way:tup:
    Ebay Pics 669.jpg Ebay Pics 662.jpg Ebay Pics 620.jpg Ebay Pics 533.jpg Ebay Pics 629.jpg
  15. You totally should! I think it would look so cute! Who cares about age!