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    I bought it in Vegas,but now...I dont know.Should I keep it or return ?
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  3. Keep it!! Its special!!
  4. It's a little bit too busy for my taste but fun looking purse.
  5. depends, how much was it?
  6. KEEP IT! It's so unique and adorable.
  7. I was never a fan of the charms on this bag, it's too busy for me. But hey, if you love it, you keep it.
  8. Cute! I think it's like 5-6k right? If yes, I don't think it's worth it, but if you love it, keep it!
  9. it was 7000
  10. I love that bag; I was drooling over it in black in BG not too long ago. I can't afford to pay that for what would be an accent bag for me... but if you can, I say keep it! I love how unique it is.:heart:
  11. The bag is gorgeous! But I don't think it's worth that much...just my honest opinion!
  12. If you can afford to, keep it- especially if you collect Chanel bags. It is more of a collectible imo...beautiful nonetheless!
  13. Ok Chanel fans, please don't stone me... berkeley, for that price, go for a Hermes. You can buy a kelly that is a collector's and will last you forever. (runs and hides)

  14. You know what? I saw someone selling it on eBay a while ago. I can't stop thinking about's soooooo beautiful & it's very unique & it's definitely one of the kind. Because of the price, not everyone can afford to have one. If you can, you should definitely keep it. I would love to have one too. :smile: only when I win the lottery. ;)
  15. I think it is a gorgeous bag! If the price was more reasonable, I would have bought one. Think of it this it worth 2-3 other Chanels? I usually see the black ones so I think the silver is much more unique. It is a limited edition so it might be hard to find later on. The important thing is that you have to really love it. When you think about returning it, would you regret it and miss the bag?