Charlottes New Look: What Do You Think ?

  1. Charlotte Church painted the town red last night and it appears that some of it came off in her hair as she was spotted with flame red coloured locks.

    Church, who has been notably absent from the club scene of late, arrived at Chicago star Ashlee Simpson's 22nd birthday party with redder hair than usual.
    And without boyfriend Gavin Henson she reverted to her old drinking days and finally poured herself into a car at 5am.
    Perhaps she was drowning her sorrows over the lamentable Z-list she had to put up with at Ashlee's bash at Embassy nightclub.
    Leading the pack was Jack Osbourne, Big Brother's resident emotional wreck Nikki Graham, Love Island winner Bianca Gascoigne, the ever-present Calum Best, and a procession of nobodies pretending to be somebodies.
  2. cute .. not soo bad ..
  3. I kinda like Charlotte. I think shes cute and not an airhead (or tats what it looks like on her talkshow)
  4. It's okay but she needs to update her eyebrows to match her new do. It makes it look more natural. I always dye my eyebrows the same color but a few shades darker.
  5. ^ I agree with the eyebrows thing. And I still really don't know who this person is.
  6. She's Charlotte Church - voice of an angel!! Sang for President Clinton and the Pope when she was 13 or 14. Since then she has grown up and taken up partying, smoking and dating bad boys. From Wales.Constantly in the gossip mags and papers in Britain. Hope this helps!

    I like her - quite liking the new hair too.
  7. she doesnt look bad
  8. It looks good. Not bad at all.
  9. She has lovely skin! And I like the hair, too.