Charlize Theron arrives at LAX

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  3. love her bags.
  4. Me too!
  5. Love her and her bags. She's such a beautiful woman. Looking great as always.
    Thanks for sharing!
  6. She is beautyful and bag too!
  7. She's stunning.
  8. Nice bag but those jeans..I just dont like them at all..
  9. Love her bag!
  10. Does anyone know who the black bag is by?
  11. OK- as always, here is the test for me...
    Is the bag stare-worthy?
    Hmm, yep. THEN I would notice who is carrying it!!! I am so bad that way. Most celebs I probably would (and have)
    not notice, but if they are carrying a great bag then I would do a double take!!!!
  12. Love her bbag!! I like her outfit.
  13. SHe looks great.
  14. shes all sweaty
  15. I love both bags and those cute little flats she has on!