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Feb 10, 2006
I saw the large version of the Charles David Jackie O bag (in white) at Nordstrom and it was gorgeous. I took a look at the website and they make a smaller version as well. I am thinking of getting it in Camel if I can find it (unfortunately, you cannot order from the website). Does anyone have a Charles David bag and how do you like it? Frankly, the only time I had noticed them previously was when there was a whole bunch at Nordstrom Rack. I've pasted a link to the website below. Many thanks!
I have a Charles David bag that I got last fall, it is the "Mariposa"
Charles David
Hope that link works. I hae one that is like a gunmetal grey with a shimmer its not like sparkly metallic. Anyway, I've been using it for work and it has held up really well. At least for me this is structured perfectly for all my junk I haul back and forth and gets knocked around a lot and doesn't look worn anywhere. So I've been pretty happy with the purchase. I really haven't seen many Charles David bags in person...When I bought I saw this one and there was only this particular bag and one other that was smaller, and I honestly didn't even know then that they made I guess I"m not much help except that I like mine!
Edsbgrl: The white is even more gorgeous in person! I really, really wanted to bring it home. But I am so scared of a white bag? Although....I think the leather on that one would be easy to clean.... Sigh.

But I've been looking for a camel/tan bag and (although Nordy's didn't have this style in Camel) I like the particular shade of CD's Camel. many gorgeous bags.....
The Charles David store at Westside Pavillion in West LA has the camel color, the black and the white. The bag itself is very nice; the only thing I didn't like so much is that the gold hardware is super shiny. Of the three, I thought the white one really stood out. It's a really pretty bag.
So...after obsessing and looking online at this style and another CD style (and the only place online I could find to actually buy was Zappos) ....I popped back into Nordstrom's this morning. The bags had disappeared! So I talked to the SA and they had just moved them to the back (this is the second time in a week she's brought out bags from the back for me to look at. I'd really like to know what else they are hiding back there!). This time, she had the camel. While trying on the bag, I mentioned that I saw at the CD site, that there was a smaller version. She said it was "really" small, but had one she was holding for another store I could look at. Lo and behold, it was the camel. And the last one they had at any store! It wasn't "really" was perfect. Long story short, the other store's customer passed and it came home with me! Now I am doing the second-guessing thing..which for some reason I have been doing a lot lately. The gold hardward doesn't 'pop' against the camel the way it does against the white and the black. The white is super gorgeous but I am very leery of a white bag and have been searching for a long time for a camel/tan/beige (I almost always carry black) bag that is just the right color and a cute style. The style is defintely great! The leather is scrumptious. But now I am second-guessing the aforementioned hardware and wondering if the camel isn't too orangey. I don't know why I am doing this lately! I'm even telling myself that most of the Charles David's at the Nordstrom's here end up at the Rack for half price and I should just hold out.'s the only camel they have, so the chances of that happening aren't very realistic. But I keep glancing at the bag while I type and I think "Dang! That's a gorgeous bag!" I am hopeless!! :blink:
Well, you fell for it in the white, that's why the camel isn't doing it for you. I would go back and get the white. Get some spray and spray the hell out of it. and wear it!!!

PS. I love that white!
Charles David makes really nice bags! I've seen them in person in their Orlando shoe store. I wanted one so bad! They have that beautiful orange color I'm starting to fall in love with. I like his shoes as well.