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  1. ...About the last years of LV's productions.
    I remember in the '70/'80 when I was a little girl and I went with my mom to LV store.
    At that time I was young, I become to drool over those bags, and often I thought LV had a poor choice.

    But now, I'm wondering if the production isn't overdone... I mean... It seems that every MJ thought, idea, dream made the night before, becomes a bag.

    Now I think they're quite too much... they risk to become less precious...
    Till now I welcomed all the bags "uncritically"... but now I'm wondering if MJ is the right designer for LV...
    I mean, perhaps another designer could do something extremely different but more in line with LV's brand.
    In particular the last collection S/S 2008, about Richard Prince...

    what do you think about?
    Isn't LV a little saturated?

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.