Chanel's Price Increase

  1. I’m sure when you take into consideration the difference in the ratio of currency, and so many Europeans coming to the US and purchasing Chanel it has an effect on pricing. :yes:
  2. I hate price increases!!!
  3. i hate it too!
  4. I think they're gettin a little too big for their britches.
  5. is it cheaper to buy Chanel in the US than in Europe?!

  6. well, europe always used to be the place where european designers were to get at the lowest prices but now, with the strong euro currency, it might even be better for us to go to the`s not the case with chanel yet, but i`ve seen some ysl bags that were cheaper in the states after exchanging the currencies...
  7. Are they having another one?
  8. There will be another in Sept.
  9. is this confirmed? none of my SA's have heard anything about it. it's hard to imagine the classic pieces, i.e. the prices of the flaps, the GST/PST, etc going up further. scary.
  10. Actually, I did hear that the GST was going up again, so with that might be the others as well.....
  11. wow that's so ridiculous... i hate these price increases.
  12. My SA told me that if I wanted another jumbo flap to do it this summer b/c prices were probably going to go up in Sept. If Im not mistaken, the look books also have the new prices for fall so it seems like it is most likely true.
  13. gosh, flaps going up AGAIN! i want a jumbo, hopefuly theres not a big increase
  14. again? That totally sucks!
  15. Another price increase means....

    Either boycot Chanel (any takers?) or start becoming fans of other lines.

    I wouldn't say I'm content with my one and only Chanel but I'm officially giving other designers a shot. I must admit, I like the variety in my collection. :yes: Plus, they're not jacking up the prices every 5 min's!!! :cursing::cursing: