Chanel...where other than the boutique?

  1. I live in a deadtown and hours from the nearest boutique... I've been caught up in my Burberry line and need a change. I'd like to start with a Chanel large black Cambon totebag because I think they're just too lovely to pass up. I saw a friend's associate with one last week and couldn't bear not having one now to keep as mine!

    Anyone know where I can get one at a fair price or at least somewhere other than a boutique? Nordstrom, Saks, Chanel, etc - are at least a three hour drive away from me.:smile:

    Any responses a great thanks!!!

    By the way, I'm new and my name's Gabrielle
  2. I noticed in your username it says 408...are you in the San Jose area? If so I believe they have a NM or a Saks around.
  3. I used to live in San Jose but now I live in Lodi, tried a Saks and they didn't have what I was looking for either.
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    they really are so hard to find.
  5. I would atually call NM or a boutique and see if they have the style you want.

    I would do your research here in the reference thread and possibly the Chanel shopping thread.

    They do not sell them online which can be unfortunate for people like you who don't really have another option. You can buy over the phone though...
  6. The closest place near your area would be in the stanford shopping area which is still like about 15-20 minutes away from valley fair...there's a neiman's at the stanford shopping place...they should probably have one there...
  7. Though I live within an hour and half drive from 2 Saks, 2 Neimans and a Chanel boutique, I do 99% of my shopping over the phone to NY. The phone is THE way to go. If you order from Bergdorf, there is NO TAX (and that can save you $$$$). Reasearch via ebay, here, the Chanel site and then call and say what bag or describe the bag to the SA. Remember, though ebay has quite a few styles (most fakes), they do NOT always use the correct name, so describing what you want is always a good way to go. HTH
  8. Way to go!