Chanel wallets

  1. Dose anyone have pics of chanel cam wallets and where could I find one at a great price.;)
  2. HI, what is a cam wallet, do you mean cambon wallet? If so you could try do a search on this site or if you want can post pictures for you?
  3. I believe the cambon or rather the cotton club wallet..price is much cheaper now than b4..

    I got mine for SGD they are pricing it SGD 1070... how abt US??? any reduction???

    I guess the demand for wallet is not hot at all ..that's y they rather increase the bag px & reduce the wallet px..
  4. The cambon wallets went up in price also here in the U.S. The long checkbook one is $615 and the French Purse is either $545 or $565. Chanel at Nordstrom MOA just got some more in last week.
  5. If you do a search for chanel wallets, you will find pictures, prices, etc. There were several posts about this that can give you all the info you need. Good luck...