Chanel Wallet On Chain - classic one

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  1. Hi, I bought a classic chanel WOC last December. Inside the bag, it's said Made in Itlay. However today I happened to notice that on the box, it said Made in Fance. I am not sure why it's like this. I bought the bag from Bloomingdales in MA; it should be authentic, but it does not make me comfortable that what's inside the bag does not match what's on the box. Any idea? Thanks
  2. Sometimes the boxes (and even the dust bags and authenticity cards) get mixed up. As long as your WOC is authentic, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Speak with your SA if you are truly uncomfortable. Only s/he will know what went on with the mix up.
  3. Ya this is actually not uncommon...I've heard of this happening now more than once.