Chanel vs New Chanel

  1. OK Ladies,
    I want to babble a little bit...
    I have been doing CHANEL since the mid 90's and before that GUCCI was the thing for me to have... I have so many gucci bags and shoes and belts that I just don't even use.. because of the chanel obsession.....
    Anyway I love CHANEL and everything in my closet would be chanel if money, time, weight issues and space would allow it....
    A few years ago chanel was the ultimate for me.. you would rarely see a fake anything.. they were hard to find.. I got 3 bags in the late 90's early 2000's(i guess thats how that goes) anyway I have never seen ANYONE with either 3 of those bags.. the are still in great condition and the consignment shop where i sell my stuff wants answers about it.. first they want to sell it and she wants one for herself... even at the time of purchase there were only 1 in the store and one had to be shipped from NY... my point is now that chanel is becoming very TRENDY and ABUNDANT.. I work hard for my mulas and to be able to spend 2g's on a bag for me is like the ultimate social uplifter for me...
    Me and the BF were in Dallas for the Redksins vs Dallas game in September and we were in the malls... and that Neimans in I can not remember the name of the mall.. is the BIGGEST in the COUNRTY.. I loved every ounce of the store.. anyway, my BF was like what the hell. everybody in this place has a chanel..mothers and their daughters have matching chanels.. teenagers with there friends have chanels- and the comment was they do not look fake.. I told him that everybody in DALLAS is just RICH as HELL.. I live in the MD/DC/VA area and we seem them- but not like that. We see alot of fakes and wanna be's..
    It seems everywhere you look now everybody is carry chanel and all have the same bags.. and not to mention the cambones- that I refused to buy, because I thought it was a trend and then I seen to many fakes.. I don't want anybody to look at my bag and say thats FAKE- I don't care if I know.. speding over a grand on a bag it should SCREAM AUTHENTIC and there should be no hesitations.. I know the fakes are getting better and better.. but DARN.. thats why I stopped doing GUCCI- all the fakes... and the prada's- the fakes and god the FENDI'S..
    I know for a fact that years ago.. there were probably 2 to 3 bags made of each kind in certain areas and thats that.. I went to Miami in 2001 Bal HArbor Mall- (I could spend a month there) and got a bag no one had ever seen here.. and I still have not bumped into it.. I went to Dallas 2006 and they had everything we had here in MD.. even at the RODEO drive store in 2004- nothing was there I had never seen before..
    No more is chanel rare and limited. I love going out of town to shop and to buy something no one has in my area...
    Does anyone else feel the same way or did I just wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.
  2. Hopefully when I hit VEGAS in FEB 2007.. I will see something different....!!!
  3. I have to agree with you here. When you spend upwards of 2 grand for a bag, I don't care who you are and what you do, it seems trite to see it on so many other people.
    I started collecting LV about ten years ago. Like you, I have an extensive collection of bags, luggage and accessories (30 bags and almost every accessory including passport LV cover!). Now, LV is ubiquitous and fakes are everywhere. Here in Los Angeles, people PROUDLY carry fakes. It's disgusting.
    Oh, and Vegas doesn't have anything different. I was there two weeks ago. Maybe in February though.
  4. The largest Neiman Marcus in the country is actually the one in San Francisco followed by Houston, Beverly Hills, and Northpark Mall (Dallas). Their handbag department is pretty big, but they don't carry Chanel. Only the Downtown and Plano stores carry Chanel in that area. Most Dallas women (not all) are way too label conscious and tend to forget about the style. They also spoil their children to no end and should not be buying their 12 year old daughters Chanel handbags, just to begin with. Chanel is above all about style, not fashion. When it comes to Chanel, if you are spending more than $1500 on a handbag, you are most definitely paying for more than the label, as opposed to other brands. You're making an investment. I don't know where people get the idea that Chanel handbags are mass produced. They soooo are not. Most Chanel handbags are extremely hard to come by. There are certain styles that don't even hit the sales floor because there are waitings lists of 100+ people, and most stores only get 2 or 3 units, if any. For that matter, Chanel will never become trendy or abundant. People who understand the history and purpose of Chanel will agree with me. And anyone else who can appreciate an beautiful looking and exquisitely made handbag...
  5. I can't tell you how much I agree with you. I see a lot of good fakes and I see a lot of the real thing. Chanel is not as rare and limited as it once was...
  6. I shop at all the Dallas malls and rarely ever see a Chanel {unless I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror! LOL!}
    I would never ever consider Chanel to be easy to find or "Abundant" at all. They only ship a few of each style to the US boutiques each season, if that.
    In fact, by just reading the posts in this Forum you can see that they're clearly not abundant as there's a LOT of Ladies here that have been searching for a long time for the bag they want.
    The only upper end designer I see often in Dallas is LV, the high school girls here carry mainly Coach or D & B.
  7. It is true that The Cambon is Chanel's most knocked off bag, but that's still not bag when you comapre it to other designers IMO.
  8. I see a few Chanels when I go to South Coast Plaza but that is about it. Although I do see a few fakes here and there...but they are such obvious fakes it is laughable.
  9. I see Chanels all over SCP and Fashion Island. I have not seen a really good fake Chanel, but I've seen tons of fake LV's that look so real. So sad!
  10. I agree with addisonshopper when she said this:
    I've seen many knock-off Cambons, some very obviously fake, but that doesn't matter to the people who carry it. They're carrying "Chanel" in their minds and in their friends' minds. It's the Chanel look they want and that's what they've got. And many think they're smarter than us because they didn't pay the price that we paid.

    I have been at the mall and felt sick when I found myself in a group of "Chanel" carrying women. I bet many had no idea that my bag was the real thing and if they knew, they thought I was stupid for paying so much.

    This whole counterfeit thing has just gone too far and as addisonshopper said:
  11. I agree. When I'm in SF, I usually don't see an abundance of Chanel bags in comparison to Gucci, Coach, and especially, LV; most of those are knockoffs. In the highschools here, most carry fake LV and Coach, but none have Chanel.
  12. Here in Italy Chanel is not so popular (it's loved but so few people carry it!). The brand of the moment are Gucci, Vuitton and for cloths D&G and Cavalli. So you can see fake and imitation of these brands ANYWHERE! I'm so tired of this!!
    I saw just 2 or 3 Chanel bags in all my life and I hope Chanel won't become like your experience!!
  13. I agree that while the cambon line is faked, it is nowhere near as faked as lv or gucci, etc. That is why I have left lv and am moving on to the classic chanel pieces in lambskin- the quality of the leather is so obvious that there is no doubt of its authenticity.
  14. Same here, but there's nothing you can do about it.. We had that here in Holland a few years ago with LV, and then it shifted to Gucci. I don't think it will happen to Chanel like it did with LV and Gucci, at least not in Europe. Chanel is not that popular in Holland, because it's soooo expensive here... But if it DOES happen, I'll just ignore it. If I love a brand, i'm not going to give it up, because of all the fakes. At least I know it's real...
  15. I agree the knockoffs for LV are a million times to one of CHANEL.
    I purchased a LV handbag, wallet, credit card holder & pouchette w/ chain in 2004. I carried all my nice little "AUTHENTIC" LV items to the mall and out to dinner. In the mall AND restaurant I kept seeing these girls and women with LV bags. I would look at theirs and then at mine and I could tell there were fake. I tried it one more time same thing fakes everywhere. I came home put all LV back in the closet and did not take it out until this month. I sold it to a friend to give to her daughter for her birthday. I have only seen one fake CHANEL here, a teenage girl carrying a fake reporter. When I commented about her reporter she said " Oh, its not real its a knockoff"----
    Even if the Cambon line is reproduced in fakes, there are so MANY CHANEL bags that are not so I carry my CHANEL w/ great pride. You can look at a persons other attire, like clothing, jewelry, shoes and usually tell if the things they are wearing/carrying are authentic. I love CHANEL and I enjoy carrying mine and leave the worries about fakes at home.