Chanel vs Chanel

  1. If you own a classic 2.55 and also like the reissue - would you buy the reissue also?
  2. There are too many other bags I'd rather have so I will not be purchasing a reissue anytime soon, but I do like them!
  3. I think the reissue is a little more "edgy" than the classic 2.55. One of the posters here, Star3777, has one in grey and it looks very cool on her. I say if you like it, go for it. I would love to have both - one for evening events (the classic 2.55), and one that can also go with casual outfits (the reissue).
  4. If you really like it, and have the money for it, then I say yes! Chanel is so classic that it would be a lovely investment. But, if you are eyeing other bags (and who here isn't?), I would admire from afar, and get something else.