Chanel virgin, please help!

  1. Ok, so I was shopping :yahoo: at the weekend in a big department store, and went into the Chanel concession to check out some of the more classic bags...on the way out (and with my friend verrrrrrry impatient to go look at shoes!) I saw another display case with this gorgeous bag in! It was smallish and black, with little metal badges all over it. Does anyone know what this bag is called? Or how much it costs? I think I'm going to have to save up and buy!!! :graucho:

    Thank you :smile:
  2. It's the reissue bag called the Lucky Charms made for S/S 2007. The small one costs $3500 i believe? the larger one is $5,000-6,000? It's a runway piece. I never liked it especially when one without a badge is only $1995... :-S
  3. I liked it but it's too expensive for me. LOL.
  4. OUCH!!!! How much?! :amazed: Guess I won't be getting one then :crybaby: