Chanel Vintage Jumbo :) it's LOVE

  1. hi hi.

    haha. i won this vintage chanel~ (the medium sized one, the XL is too big for my taste) and i fell in LOVE with it when i opened it. it is SUCH A BEAUTIFUL BAG :heart:

    i don't like the current jumbos now~ so i was sooo happy when i won this. & i got SUCH A GOOD DEAL, hehe :smile: also, most of the ones out there are the XL~ phew!

    well, here's a pic of it~~
    it's really shiny, but i took it w/out flash during the day~ =)

  2. Congrats, it's a really beautiful bag!!! TDF!!!

    BTW is that your dog in the avatar? So cute, what breed is it? Anyways congrat
  3. congrats! what a gorgeous bag! I love the older styling, esp the large CC! I'm sure you'll look killer in it!
  4. I'm so happy for you....pls re-post the pics, can't see it!
  5. beautiful !! congratz !
  6. Btw, i jus love the jumbo size than the XL jumbo....i used to own two of the vintage jumbo flap bags but have sold them away....:smile:

    It's gorgeous...coz the XL jumbo is way too large, that's why Jumbo size is better.
  7. Congrats on your stunning jumbo! I am currently lusting after one. :love:
  8. that jumbo look gorgeous , im after a vintage jumbo myself... that one looks in mint condition! congrats!
  9. Congrats, enjoy it!
  10. Beautiful! I am currently lusting after one of these too! (Want a vintage with the gold h/w) I'm just going to drool over yours for a while and daydream! :love:
  11. Congrats juicyME!It's a great bag and the hardware is so rich on the vintage:drool::yes:!
  12. Congrats, it is gorgeous!
  13. It's gorgeous ! love love it !:heart::drool:
    Congrats on your new purchase !
    Enjoy !
  14. I'm lovin' it! It's gorgeous!
  15. stunning bag. I adore the lamskin on the vintage, they look so soft and cushion like

    Congratulations on your stunning new bag :biggrin: