Chanel trunk show and my preorder choice

  1. Oh wow! There were so many gorgeous bags!:love:

    I actually only pre-ordered one and that's the caviar tote that I took back a few months ago, but it's coming in dark brown w/ silver H/W.
    This is going to be $1895, I wonder why it's different than the current pricing of $1650{?}:sad:

    There's a new line called 'Python Mania' and it'a UNBELIEVABLE! The giant tote is really pricey but SO practical design wise - has a removable cosmetics case, key holder and lots of copartments.
    Then I had a hard time putting the python flap down, it's SO hot! It's a smaller flap bag w/ a big python tassel and the color is really awesome, dark w/ some eggplant undertones. My NM is oly getting one and I REALLY want it. I won't get it though because I would rarely have the opportunity to carry it, it was $2995.

    I thought I loved the Mademoiselle line, but didn't really.
    I LOVE the big new Luxe bag, it was in bronze and really TDF.
    There was also a big roomy navy hobo. . . .
    An 'origami' giant bag. . . . there were SO many. . . .
    it was heaven being there! LOL!
  2. WOW!!!! Sounds so good! I would love to see the Python tote! Sounds YUMMY!

    Thank you for sharing!
  3. Sounds good. Can't wait til it comes out!
  4. Wow, sounds so beautiful!
  5. I can't wait either! It'll be pretty soon apparently, I heard my SA tell someone probably next month for her bag.

    The Chanel rep was a handsome guy and was SO knowledgeable!

    Also some cool jewelry is coming!
  6. Jewelry is always big for me. I buy more Chanel jewelry than anything else. There is something about a big gawdy piece of fake jewelry that gets me going:love: . I love showing off the CCs baby!:P
  7. ^LOL! That's EXACTLY what it was! LOL! You'll LOVE it!
  8. See I'm getting more and more excited as the minutes go by!
  9. Awesome swanky!!! I asked all over Las Vegas about that bag coming in brown. I finally had a chanel SA tell me it was and she took my name down! We'll be chanel twins!!!:graucho: I also found out it is coming in black with silver hardware but that will not be until Nov or so. It's so weird for it to be june and I'm planning and getting excited about fall bags!
  10. Wish I could have seen all of it! Thanks for reporting back, Swanky.
  11. Congrats Swanky!! I know you can't wait to get your new purchase. Did you see the patent sac? Someone posted it on our thread and I called the Chanel store in Tyson's and Jonathan knew all about it!! He put my name down. I know you are salivating for your new Chanel.
  12. oooh, what does that one look like?
  13. Oh WAIT!!!!!

    YES, I did! She had a list of 15 people for it already! It's vinyl though, not really patent.
    It's a big, gaping shiny black bag, yes?
  14. I can't wait to see what it looks like! :nuts: Wonderful choice Swanky!
  15. Congrats, on the pre-order bag. The dark brown is very unique & should be beautiful! I can't wait to see what the Vegas stores have when I go in August.