Chanel sunnies...

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  1. Hello everybody.. i just joined TPF.. was wondering if any of you have the Chanel 5066 sunnies.. Ive been wanting them for a loong time coz its the only one that suits my face..(my face is tiny) Please post pics wearing em too.

    Thanks :smile:
  2. i have them in pink and they don'tdo well for me.. i will try and scan pic for you
  3. I also have a small face and got the 6009 in the black silver combo (501/8g). You may want to check those out.
  4. thanks for the replies.. i would love to see the 5066 on u addisonshopper.. and NYC chicky if you could post some pics of the 6009 too.. i love chanel sunglasses but just dont seem to think any of them look good on me.. thanks for the help ppl :smile:
  5. If you go to the Chanel website, and then click under eyeglasses--sunglasses, and then click on number 12, that's the model 6009 (but a different color than mine).
  6. I have them in black and pink, they are actually one of my favorites!! I've had them for a couple of years now, had them ordered before they were really popular in the stores, they don't work for everyone though, def. need to try them on......
  7. I tried them on but they didn't look right on me. Nice sunglasses collection Lola24 :smile:
  8. Like all your sunnies Lola:yes:
  9. Thank you!