Chanel sunnies: what it comes with?

  1. When you buy Chanel sunnies, does it come with a cleaning cloth?

    I just bought a pair and it comes with the white Chanel gift bag, black Chanel box, black sunglasses case, a beige pouch, and all the authenticity tags. Is that it? Why don't they include a cleaning cloth? :confused1: If not, what do you ladies use to clean your sunnies then?
  2. The pouch is the cleaning cloth! Chanel used to include regular cleaning cloths and started using the cleaning pouch last year.
  3. mice comes with the cleaning cloth
  4. That is so weird then! :wtf:
  5. Yep, two years ago it had a black cleaning cloth w/ the CC logo. Now it's just this gold colored pouch that I juse use as a cleaning cloth. I prefer the cloth though, since this pouch just seems wrong. Oh well.... at least your shades look great, I'm sure!
  6. Yep, the bag is made out of cleaning cloth material. It's great because you can use it to hold your glasses when your purse is small.
  7. oh I LOVE the polishing cloth/baggy thing!
  8. Yup, the little soft bag w/the drawstring doubles as the cleaning cloth.

  9. me too!
  10. I just bought a pair on Friday and I received the pouch and a cleaning cloth!
  11. is it an older style?
    I have bought 4 pairs in the last 18 months and none of mine came w/ the cloths like they used to.
  12. here's what mine comes with, i think it's an older style though
  13. I have a style from about 3 years ago that came with that red cloth.
    All my more recent ones come with the dual bag/cloth thingy.
  14. I'm a sales associate at Nordstrom in the sunglass department. As stated above, older styles came with the cleaning cloth and now they come with the beige cleaning pouch.
  15. No, it's one of the new styles....and I think that I just got lucky!